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Why Southbourne is a Good Place to Live for the Elderly

Why Southbourne is a Good Place to Live for the Elderly Nestled on the southern coast of England, Southbourne emerges as a hidden gem for elderly living. This charming suburb of Bournemouth offers a serene and comfortable lifestyle, ideal for those in their golden years. From its mild climate to a supportive community, Southbourne holds numerous appeals for the elderly and creates the perfect backdrop for a residential care home in Bournemouth that offers long-term care. Pleasant Climate Southbourne is known for its mild and temperate climate, a significant draw for older individuals. The gentle sea breezes in summer and relatively mild winters provide a comfortable environment, especially beneficial for those with health conditions exacerbated by more extreme weather. Accessible Healthcare Facilities As a residential care home in Bournemouth, proximity to quality healthcare is a top priority, and Southbourne excels in this regard. With easy access to top-rated healthcare facilities in the region, residents and their loved ones have peace of mind knowing that excellent medical care is never far away. The area is served by several GP practices, specialist clinics, and is in close proximity to the Royal Bournemouth Hospital, ensuring comprehensive medical support. Community and Social Life Southbourne prides itself on its strong community spirit, making it an inviting place for the elderly. Various social clubs and organisations cater specifically to the senior population, offering a range of activities and events that encourage social interaction and community engagement. From book clubs to gardening groups, there’s an abundance of opportunities for residents to stay active and connected. At Primrose Lodge, quality of life is our biggest focus, so we encourage residents to live a lifestyle that is fulfilling to them. This is only encouraged by the surrounding community and social opportunities available in Southbourne. Our staff organise a range of activities within the community, as well as in the home, so there is always something to suit everyone. Outdoor and Recreational Activities The natural beauty of Southbourne is one of its most appealing features. The area boasts stunning beaches, scenic walking trails along the cliffs, and well-maintained parks that are perfect for leisurely strolls or picnics. The proximity to nature not only offers aesthetic pleasure but also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Safety and Security Safety is a crucial consideration for our Bournemouth residential care home, and Southbourne’s low crime rate makes it a secure choice for the elderly. The community’s focus on safety and well-being contributes to a relaxed and peaceful living environment. Transport and Mobility Navigating around Southbourne is hassle-free, thanks to its excellent public transport system. With reliable bus services and easily accessible taxis, residents can travel comfortably within the town and to neighbouring areas. This connectivity is especially beneficial for those who no longer drive, ensuring they remain independent and mobile. It also makes visiting our care home easy for loved ones, as they don’t need to worry about driving and parking to see their loved ones. Housing Options Southbourne offers a wide range of housing options to suit the diverse needs of the elderly. From retirement homes with full-time care to independent living apartments, there’s something to match every requirement and budget. Many of these facilities provide additional amenities like communal lounges, gardens, and regular social events. Whether you are looking for a residential care home in Bournemouth, an assisted living apartment, or a generic nursing home, you are bound to find something to your taste in Southbourne with exceptional views and the sea air. Local Amenities and Services The suburb is well-equipped with local amenities, including shops, cafes, restaurants, and cultural venues. The Southbourne Grove shopping area, with its array of stores and services, caters to all the daily needs and luxuries one might seek. Libraries and community centres also abound, providing spaces for learning and leisure, perfect for keeping your loved one’s mind active and engaged. Supportive Services Southbourne is home to various services and support groups geared towards the elderly, such as home care services, senior centres, and health and wellness programs. These resources ensure that residents receive the help and care they need while maintaining their independence. Live Your Life in Southbourne At Our Care Home Southbourne, Dorset, with its blend of natural beauty, community warmth, and comprehensive facilities, stands out as an ideal location for elderly living. It offers the perfect mix of tranquillity and convenience, making it a top choice for those seeking a peaceful yet fulfilling lifestyle in their later years. Whether it’s the climate, the community, or the care, Southbourne has it all, making it a wise choice for anyone looking for a residential care home in Bournemouth. At Primrose Lodge, we create a home away from home in this coastal haven, offering a range of rooms that are matched to each resident for their specific needs. If you are interested in making Southbourne your home or the home for a loved one, we recommend visiting us to get a feel for our home and the lifestyle our resident’s lead. A visit is always a great opportunity to meet our staff and chat with some of our residents. Arrange a viewing of our care home by calling us on 01202 429514 or emailing us at [email protected]

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Why Is Respite Care Important?

Why Is Respite Care Important? Caring for a loved one is a deeply rewarding journey, but it can also be physically and emotionally demanding. That’s where respite care steps in, offering caregivers the support they need to ensure the best for their loved ones and themselves. Respite care can also have many benefits for the person receiving care, making it an important part of any care plan. Benefits For Caregivers There are several benefits of respite care for the caregiver. Prevent Burnout Respite care can give the person providing care a chance to take a break. This will reduce physical and emotional exhaustion as it will allow the carer to rest, giving their bodies time to relax as well as their minds, as they won’t have to constantly think about the care recipient. Enhances Well-Being Having planned time off will allow the caregiver to plan activities that will help improve their mental and physical well-being. Often, caregivers will put the person they are caring for and their needs before themselves, meaning that they don’t give themselves a chance to exercise or take care of themselves. Respite care will provide a scheduled opportunity for the caregiver to complete tasks such as exercising, meeting friends for a catch-up, taking a relaxing bath or snuggling down and reading a book. Supports Family Dynamics Respite care means that everyone in the support system can have a break, often strengthening relationships and teamwork. The break enables those in the support system to focus on something other than caring for their loved one, giving them time to chat about other things that have happened or potentially discuss any issues they have faced without their loved one receiving care in earshot – after all, you don’t want to make them feel like a burden or source of problems. Balances Life A work/life balance is vital for everyone, especially those caring for others. Respite care facilitates this balance so they can enjoy their life outside of caring for their loved ones. Often, this will also mean that they can balance their needs with the needs of their loved ones, improving their overall well-being. Renews Energy Respite care offers the caregiver an opportunity to take a break, giving them time to relax and re-energise. A break will enable the caregiver to return to their responsibilities with renewed mental and physical energy and patience. Benefits for the Care Recipients Respite care isn’t only important for the caregiver. The care recipient also benefits from it. New Experiences Respite care introduces diversity and fresh perspectives into daily routines. Going to a residential home for respite care gives the care recipient the chance to take part in different exercises for their mental and physical health that they might not do with their full-time carer or family caregivers. Our residential home ensures residents and visitors have an active lifestyle, meaning there are always fun activities for everyone to join in. Social Interaction Social interaction is an important part of everyone’s life, no matter how old we are. Respite care enhances a care recipient’s social interaction, as it gives them an opportunity to meet and interact with new people, whether it be residents at a nursing home or different care staff. An increase in socialisation also reduces their feelings of isolation, as they get to chat with multiple others and share their experiences. Enhanced Independence Respite care can foster independence and autonomy from the caregiver, giving them confidence and helping them maintain a sense of self because they can continue building and sharing their identity as a person rather than a receiver of care.  Improved Quality of Life Ultimately, respite care enriches the lives of those receiving care. They will have a larger social circle as they meet new people, feel more independent, and benefit from new experiences. Additionally, the care they receive from their primary caregiver will be improved, as they will have the mental capacity, energy and patience to provide the care needed. These things combined will all boost their overall quality of life. Respite Care at Primrose Lodge Whether you are looking for respite for just a few hours or a few weeks, we are happy to help. All respite care residents are treated as one of our residential residents for the duration of their stay and receive the same level of person-centred care that we deliver to everyone at the home. We will encourage them to join in the various activities put on by our activities team each day. We would recommend that you visit us or your loved one comes in for a short stay first so they can meet the team and experience the lifestyle at Primrose Lodge. If you are interested in learning more about our respite care services, get in touch with us today by calling 01202 429514.

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Our Long Term Care Services

Our Long Term Care Services Set in the beautiful sea-side town of Bournemouth, Dorset, Primrose Lodge Southbourne is a bright and airy residential care home offering expert long-term care to elderly people. Our charming care home is full of character and personality and our friendly atmosphere comes from both our wonderful residents and our professional, compassionate staff. A Real Home From Home Our carers have many years of experience in providing long-term care and undergo extensive training to ensure our residents are looked after with skill, dignity and respect. From your favourite meals and hobbies to your medical needs and background, our carers take the time to get to know you in order to not only provide a care package that’s tailored to your exact needs but also to help you feel right at home at Primrose Lodge Southbourne. To help with the transition, when our residents move in we encourage them to decorate their room with their own individual style by bringing their personal belongings and favourite pieces of furniture along with them. The Primrose Lodge lifestyle For everyone at Primrose Lodge Southbourne, nothing makes us happier than seeing our residents happy, active and relaxed. This is why we work hard to provide our residents with a varied range of different activities and entertainment to keep both body and mind happy and healthy. From bingo and music performances to outdoor exercises and day trips to the coast, no two days are the same, and we will always do our very best to cater to everyone’s tastes and preferences. We are also delighted to share milestone anniversaries and birthdays with our residents and arrange annual events such as summer fetes, bonfire night, and our ever-popular Christmas party!Among the most highly regarded care homes in Dorset, Primrose Lodge Southbourne offers a range of care services to ensure our residents maintain an independent, happy and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 429514.

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4 Questions For Your Care Home

4 Questions For Your Care Home What facilities do you provide? An active lifestyle is so important to maintaining a healthy body and mind so when looking around a care home, make sure to ask what facilities they provide for their residents and what their policy is regarding entertainment. At Primrose Lodge Southbourne, we offer a variety of activities to ensure no two days are the same and also offer additional services such as hairdresser and dentist appointments. When can my friends and family visit? One of the biggest worries people have before they move into a care home is how often they can see their loved ones. As Primrose Lodge is our residents’ home, we operate an open-door policy and encourage our residents to invite friends and family to visit just as they always have done in the past. You’ll all be able to enjoy fresh fruit, snacks and drinks too! Can I bring my own furniture? Remember, moving into care is moving into a new home, so you should be able to bring your own belongings with you. Afterall, many of us find comfort in having our own possessions around us, especially if they’re associated with precious memories. We carefully match our rooms to the needs of each new resident and love it when they bring their own furniture and personal items. As all our rooms are neutrally decorated, there’s no need to worry it will clash. Is there an outside space? From relaxing in the sunshine to strolling around admiring the wildlife, being outside and amongst nature has a fantastic rejuvenating effect. Primrose Lodge has a charming garden with beautiful, colourful flowers for our residents and their guests to enjoy. We also have a patio and seating area that’s bursting with hanging baskets and is especially popular in the summer months.To find out more about the facilities and highly trained carers at Primrose Lodge, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today on 01202 429514.

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Cadbury’s & Age UK Team Up To Tackle Loneliness

Cadbury’s & Age UK Team Up To Tackle Loneliness Helping 225,000 older people talk to someone The iconic chocolatier Cadbury Dairy Milk has teamed up with Age UK, the country’s leading charity working with older people, in a bid to help combat loneliness in our aging population. The union comes after a recent study found that 225,000 older people can go a whole week without speaking to anyone, at all. Imagine spending the majority of your life in silence, with no one there to talk to, to share your problems with, to tell your triumphs to. This is the reality for hundreds of thousands of older people in the UK alone but there are simple things we can do to help, such as calling grandparents, chatting to an older person in the checkout line or volunteering for local charities. As part of the ‘Donate Your Words’ campaign, Cadbury’s is removing all words from the front of the packaging of their famous Dairy Milk chocolate bar, displaying nothing but the company’s recognisable ‘glass and a half’ logo. As well as sparking conversations about the reason behind this change, Cadbury will also donate 30p to Age UK for every limited edition chocolate bar sold. Cadbury’s brand manager, Laura Gray, has said the company is incredibly proud to be supporting Age UK in this worthwhile cause and explains: ‘donating the words from our bars of Cadbury Dairy Milk [encourages] people up and down the country to donate theirs through small gestures that could really help change the lives of older people.’ Helping 225,000 older people talk to someone Age UK’s charity director, Caroline Abrahams, hopes the campaign will raise much needed awareness of how widespread loneliness is and how it can have a serious negative impact on a person’s physical and metal wellbeing. She explains loneliness is a particular problem for over 65’s, because ‘retirement, bereavement and ill health mean many older people find they are spending a lot less time enjoying the company of others than they’d like.’ The campaign has four suggestions for ways you can donate your words; chatting with an older person in your neighbourhood, giving an older relative a call, checking in on an older neighbour and/or becoming an Age UK volunteer. For more information on the campaign, visit the Age UK website. Among the most highly regarded care homes in Dorset, Primrose Lodge Southbourne offers expert care and support to older people so that they can maintain an independent, happy and healthy lifestyle surrounded by friends and trained carers. To learn more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 429514.

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200,000+ Older Adults to Spend Christmas Alone

200,000+ Older Adults to Spend Christmas Alone Age UK launch new campaign In a bid to help tackle the growing sense of loneliness older people feel at Christmas time, Age UK has launched a campaign entitled, ‘No one should have no one to turn to.’ The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness among the public and to encourage them to reach out to older people in their lives and their community. It promotes its brilliant befriending service, which pairs volunteers with an older person to pay them visits at their home or take them out and about for a social activity. Chocolate giant Cadbury’s are also helping to promote the campaign by ‘donating their words’. This will see the chocolatiers remove all wording from the front of the packing on selected bars of Dairy Milk and donating 30p to the cause from each one sold. They have also been in to take over some of Age UK’s charity shops and swapped price tags for suggestions of how you can help someone who is lonely. This includes simple actions such as talking to someone at the bus stop or checkout, to larger acts like calling an older relative and volunteering to be an Age UK friend. Why combatting loneliness is important Loneliness is a growing problem in the UK, particularly for those in later life, and can have a serious impact on people’s wellbeing and quality of life. It’s a serious condition that, when left untreated, can lead to several serious physical and mental health problems. For example, loneliness is associated with such conditions as depression, impaired cognitive health, heart problems, stress and anxiety and insomnia. As the UK has an ageing population, it’s believed the loneliness epidemic is only going to get worse which means even greater strain on our public health services and charities. Among the most highly regarded care homes in Dorset, Primrose Lodge Southbourne offers expert care and support to older people so that they can maintain an independent, happy and healthy lifestyle surrounded by friends and trained carers. To learn more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 429514.

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How The Elderly Can Protect Themselves From Coronavirus

How The Elderly Can Protect Themselves From Coronavirus The latest advice from the NHS is to take the following measures to protect both yourself and others: Wash your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds each time Make sure you wash your hands when arriving home If soap and water isn’t available, use hand sanitiser Cover your mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze Throw tissues away immediately and wash your hands Avoid close contact with those who are unwell or if you’re feeling unwell If your hands aren’t clean, do not touch your face, especially your eyes, mouth and nose If the spread of coronavirus worsens, older people may be advised to stay at home and avoid crowds to help evade infection. The government is looking into ways to manage and control the spread of the virus without isolating and neglecting vulnerable pensioners for long periods. The new science minister, Amanda Solloway, has warned that elderly people could end up being “cut off” and urged family members to visit them now in the eventuality they will be told to isolate themselves. If this does become the case, it’s important that family and friends stay in touch with their elderly loved ones via regular text messages, telephone calls and video chat. Loneliness among the older generation is a serious condition that can cause a number of health issues and weaken the immune system. What is Coronavirus? Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways and presents with similar symptoms as colds and flu. The symptoms of COVID-19 include a cough, a high temperature and shortness of breath. It is not known exactly how this new virus is spread but similar conditions are spread in cough droplets. There isn’t currently a specific treatment for coronavirus but there are ways to help ease the symptoms while your body fights off the illness. Antibiotics do not work as they are used to treat bacterial infections and not viruses. The latest advice says that if you have come into contact with someone who has coronavirus or visited a country with a high infection rate, call 111. You may be asked to self-isolate which means staying at home and avoiding close contact with people for 2 weeks or until you have fully recovered. As one of the most respected residential care homes in Bournemouth, Primrose Lodge Southbourne and its experienced team are taking all necessary steps to help ensure all our residents and staff remain healthy and happy at all times. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01202 429514.

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The Lifestyle at Our Bournemouth Care Home

The Lifestyle At Our Bournemouth Care Home Relax in your own bedroom We have 23 beautiful individual bedrooms and 4 larger, double rooms in our Bournemouth care home, which are fully furnished with everything you need. Having said that, you’re free to decorate the space however you wish and bring your own furniture and personal belongings with you when you move in. Take a stroll in our beautiful garden When you move in to Primrose Lodge, you’ll be able to take full advantage of our gorgeous, colourful garden. The extensive patio area has lots of seating and is decorated with hanging baskets and tubs that are bursting with beautiful flowers throughout the warmer months and is the perfect place to entertain your loved ones. Invite loved ones whenever you like Our residents really do feel like they are at home at Primrose Lodge Southbourne. To encourage this even further, we have an open-door policy which means friends and families are free to visit as often as they like, and we have fresh fruit, yummy snacks and drinks readily available to make your visit even more enjoyable. Tuck into delicious home-cooked cuisine To make sure you get all the vitamins and minerals you need to help keep you happy and healthy, both physically and mentally, our chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals everyday for you to enjoy. Typical dishes include shepherd’s pie, diced fish and sausages and mash followed by a scrumptious dessert such as cheesecake, ice cream and fruit. We also cater to any dietary requirements and tastes so if you have a special requirement just let us know! No two days are the same We offer a wide range of activities that are specially chosen to not only be enjoyable, stimulating and sociable, but also to help strengthen the body and mind. Day trips are a regular occurrence, especially as we’re so close to Bournemouth’s beautiful beaches, and can be anything from going out for lunch to wildlife spotting in the New Forest. We also hold special events and parties for residents, staff and loved ones to enjoy, such as Bonfire night, Christmas and the favourite Summer Fête.If you’d like to find out more about what life is like at Primrose Lodge Southbourne, please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 01202 429514. Our friendly carers will be more than happy to answer any questions and arrange a visit for you to pop down and have a look around for yourself.

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World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day Supported by the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR), World Arthritis Day provides a platform for those suffering with the life limiting condition to make their voices heard and exact meaningful change. Their three aims are: To raise awareness of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases among sufferers, the public and the medical professions To change policy set by decision makers by making them aware of the consequences of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and what needs to be done to help ease the burden To publicise the vast support network that is available to all people with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases What is arthritis? It’s estimated that more than 10 million people in the UK suffer from a form of arthritis or other musculoskeletal disease. While it’s often thought of as an old person’s disease, arthritis can affect anyone at any age, even young children. Symptoms of arthritis include: Painful, stiff joints Swelling in and around joints Restricted movement Warm, red skin over affected joints Weakness and muscle wastage Loss of cartilage, ligaments and bone Osteophytes (a bony projection caused by degeneration of cartilage) There are two main types of arthritis – osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form in the UK, with around 9 million people with the condition, and tends to affect women more than men. Osteoarthritis mainly affects hands, the spine, knees and hips and causes the cartilage lining the joint to roughen and thin, causing pain, swelling and osteophytes. Rheumatoid arthritis is less common, affecting approximately 400,000 in the UK and women are three times more likely to develop the condition than men. This type of arthritis is a result of the immune system mistakenly attacking the joints, leading to pain, inflammation and a break down of cartilage and bone. People with rheumatoid arthritis also have a higher risk of developing other problems with their tissue and organs.  Is there a cure? While there is no cure for arthritis at the moment, there are some effective treatments that can help manage the condition, such as medicine and exercise programmes. Like many diseases, catching arthritis early is essential to helping the person live a normal life and remain independent for as long as possible. However, without a cure the progress and degeneration of the condition is inevitable, leaving the sufferer in pain and robbing them of their social life and independence as they’re likely to need professional care. Among the most highly regarded care homes in Dorset, Primrose Lodge Southbourne offers a range of care services to ensure our residents maintain an independent, happy and healthy lifestyle. To learn more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today on 01202 429514.

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Bee Mission

Bee Mission We’re proud to announce we are currently supporting a lovely community interest company called Bee Mission. The website is, and we’d love for you to have a look and maybe foster a bee hive with Bee Mission. They make lovely honey and chutneys and you can support them in many different ways. They also have a newsletter which will give you updates on all the bee activity at Primrose Lodge Southbourne and our sister homes across the South. Let’s help the bees!!

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Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19 At Primrose Lodge Southbourne, you can rest assured that our care home is following all government guidelines in order to protect your loved ones and provide the same high level of care you have come to expect from us. If you have any questions regarding our care and response to COVID-19, please feel free to contact our team on 01202 429514. Reduced visiting hours In order to protect staff, residents and their families, we made the decision to stop all face to face visitations. Whilst this this has been difficult and a change to our usual open-door policy, this was the only way that we could both remain compliant with government regulation and ensure the wellbeing of everyone. However, we still actively encourage regular communication, whether that is via a daily phone or Skype call (or a chat through the window) so our residents can stay connected with loved ones even during this difficult time. We are taking the time to keep families informed, so they are aware of any updates in either our procedures or the welfare of their loved one. Keeping both minds and bodies active During lockdown more than ever it’s important to ensure that residents (and staff!) keeps their minds and bodies active. As always, we are arranging daily fun activities for residents to partake in, ranging from sing and dance-alongs to arts and crafts. Our patio has also been enjoying a lot of use thanks to the lovely weather we’ve been having! Check out our Facebook page to see what we’ve been up to during lockdown. As one of the most respected residential care homes in Bournemouth, Primrose Lodge Southbourne and its experienced team are taking all necessary steps to help ensure all our residents and staff remain healthy and happy at all times. To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 01202 429514.

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4 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Care Home in Bournemouth

4 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Care Home in Bournemouth Tip 1: Research the best Bournemouth care homes online Narrow down your search for care homes in Bournemouth by researching the best ones online with the help of the Care Quality Commission, the independent regulator of health and social care in England. Primrose Lodge Southbourne is proud to say we achieved Good in all five categories of our recent inspection, which includes safety, effectiveness, care, responsiveness and management. Tip 2: Find out more about the lifestyle Once you’ve narrowed down your search, it’s time to delve deeper into what living at your chosen care home is actually like. For most people moving into a care home in Bournemouth, two of the most important things they look for is that they offer a wide range of activities to keep everyday living interesting and that they provide delicious and varied food at meal times. We pride ourselves on the huge variety of activities we offer here at Primrose Lodge Southbourne and our chef ensures you tuck into healthy and tasty food each and every day. Tip 3: Ask about their visiting policy Just because you’re moving into a care home doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your existing social life. So, before you commit, make sure to check with your chosen care home what their policy is for visitors. At Primrose Lodge, we encourage our residents to invite friends and family over as they always have done as this is now their own home. Our friendly carers love getting to know your loved ones and provide lots of yummy snacks and drinks for when they come to visit. Tip 4: Arrange a visit to your chosen care home While researching on the internet or over the phone can provide you with lots of helpful information, nothing beats actually visiting your chosen care home in real life to determine if you’ll be happy there. This is why it’s vital that you visit the home before making any decisions. You’ll be able to get a feel for the lifestyle, take a look at the rooms and facilities and have a chat with their current residents. When you visit Primrose Lodge Southbourne, one of our team will give you a guided tour of the care home, not just shut you up in a stuffy office, so you can see for yourself what a wonderful environment it is.To arrange your visit to Primrose Lodge Southbourne or to learn more about our Bournemouth based care home, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today on 01202 429514.

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