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Activities at Primrose Lodge

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but keeping the mind, body and soul active is a great recipe for longer living and happiness!

At Primrose Lodge Care Home in Southbourne, we tailor a broad range of activities and excursions to achieve many objectives. The importance for some is maintaining strength, flexibility and finding balance; for others, it is stimulation, interaction and finding enjoyment in what they do. Our Activities coordinator ensures there are plenty of things to do in and around the home, from weekly outdoor exercise classes to balloon games, participating in regular annual events like the Summer Fete, Bonfire Night and our Christmas Party. But we do not need a special occasion to have fun, we love to organise events for entertainment and lively recreation such as pantomimes.

Our Home is also equipped with multimedia technology to allow you to browse the internet, email family and friends or even arrange a video call for a face to face chat. Trips and excursions are organised together by the staff and families. Due to the beautiful location and fascinating surroundings, the residents benefit from trips to the coast with other tourist attractions and nearby wildlife hotspots.

07 Claire

Claire - Activities Coordinator

“Laughter is good for the soul – it uplifts the mind, body and spirit…”

Our aim is to help every individual feel fully engaged and stimulated, living every day full of purpose and joy.

Dining at Primrose Lodge

Here at Primrose Lodge, we greatly value a nutritious and balanced diet and make sure our residents are well-nourished through varied daily meals, snacks and plenty of fluids to keep well hydrated. Anita and her team take pride in the wholesome meals that they serve and are happy to tailor the food to suit specific needs and dietary requirements.


We also recognise that with age some people can no longer eat as much food at a single sitting so we have a range of nutritious snacks available in between meals to boost the intake of nutrients.