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Choosing the Right Care Home: Factors to Consider for Your Loved One

Finding a care home for your loved one can be an emotional time, and the weight of getting it right can sit heavily on your shoulders. You want to find a home where they will be comfortable, safe, and most of all, happy.

So how do you know when you have found the right home? In this guide, we will walk you through the essential factors to consider in making this crucial choice.

Location and Accessibility

Before you start even considering care homes, you need to know where in the country you will be looking. To decide this, you will want to think about distance from family members and visiting frequencies. Of course, choosing a home closer to family will enable more frequent visits, which will have a significant impact on your loved one’s emotional well-being.

Other things to consider are the care home’s proximity to medical facilities, shopping centres, and public transportation, which will make the care home’s location more convenient and accessible for both residents and visiting family members.

Understanding Different Types of Care Homes

With a location decided upon, you will next need to understand the level of care your loved one requires. This will determine whether you should be looking at a nursing home or a residential home.

If your loved one has complex medical needs, you should be looking at nursing homes. However, if their medical needs are simpler and they need more support with everyday tasks, a residential home will be suitable. For those with conditions like dementia, you can look for specialised care homes.

Understanding your loved one’s needs is crucial when choosing the right type of care home as it will ensure they get the level of care they need, while also being able to remain as independent as possible.

Cost and Financial Planning

The cost will differ depending on the level of care your loved one needs and the care home’s facilities. When considering a care home, it is important that you understand their pricing structure and fees, so that you can work out if it is within your budget. Sometimes additional services such as hairdressing and chiropody can be an extra charge on top of the care fees. Budgeting and financial planning are crucial steps in this process.

There are a number of financial assistance options like insurance, government aid, or veteran benefits, so be sure to investigate these too.

Age UK is a great place to start when researching funding options.

Facilities and Services

The facilities and services offered at the care home can be the difference between happy and unhappy. These extras set the tone of the lifestyle within the care home and ensure the care goes beyond the medical or hygiene needs of your loved one and extend to their mental and emotional well-being too.

Communal spaces and dining rooms offer residents the opportunity to be social with one another and their visitors. Activities encourage some gentle physical movement and stimulate the brain and treatments such as hairdressing, chiropody or even a visit from a religious representative such as a vicar or priest.

Think of your loved one’s routines, likes and dislikes, and characteristics when considering these.

Staff Qualifications and Care Quality

The qualifications, compassion, and dedication of the staff are paramount. When visiting the care home, don’t be afraid to ask about the staff-to-resident ratios, staff turnover rates, and their approach to resident care.

Get to understand how they create care plans, how often they review them, and what they include in a care plan.

Seize the opportunity when you visit to chat with staff, as they can give you insights into their level of commitment and the overall atmosphere of the care home.

Safety and Accessibility

Safety and accessibility throughout the care home will be crucial, especially for those with mobility issues.

Check for features like grab bars and emergency call systems, and see if there is easy access to all areas of the home; whether this be a dining room on each floor or a lift that residents can use to go up and down the home easily.

Ensure that the care home has clear emergency protocols and measures in place to maintain a safe environment.

Reputation and Reviews

Just like you would when online shopping, research the care home and take time to read the reviews. These are an invaluable insight into the care home, the lifestyle of the residents, staff attitudes, and facilities.

Personal Visits and Evaluation

A visit to your prospective care homes is always recommended as nothing will beat the firsthand experience gained on a visit.

When you are viewing a home, you will get to see the care in action; observe staff-resident interaction. Additionally, take part in an activity if possible, to see how engaging they are and how many residents participate in them.

Keep an eye out for the cleanliness around the house, are cleaning staff around?

Make the most of your visit to get a true feeling for what life would be like in the home. This firsthand experience will be instrumental in your decision-making process.

Engaging with Residents

Talking with current residents and their families can provide an unfiltered view of life in the care home. Their experiences and feedback can be invaluable in understanding the pros and cons of the facility.

Choosing the Right Care Home

Choosing the right care home for your loved one is a decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. From the type of care needed to the facilities, staff, and location, each aspect plays a pivotal role in ensuring your loved one’s well-being and happiness.

Take your time, involve your loved one in the decision-making process, and consult professionals to make the most informed choice possible.

Make Primrose Lodge Your First Choice

Visit our care home to see how we create a home away from home for our residents. Our bright and spacious communal areas and colourful garden provide space for residents to be as social as they would like, while their private and personalise room offers a safe space for them to retreat too for some down time.

Our in-house chefs cook homemade meals fresh each day, creating seasonal menus that meet each resident’s taste, dietary requirements and requests.

Finally, our activities programme, hair salon and on-site laundry service keep your loved one engaged, stimulated and feeling their best at all times.

Whether a long-term resident or simply with us for respite care, we pride ourselves on our dedication to bespoke, compassionate care that puts your loved one at the centre so they can live their life as they would like to.

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